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Private Jet 

Flying in a private jet gives the necessary efficiency and flexibility on business trips. 
Knowing that every flight is unique, we take care of every detail during your business trip, so that you can enjoy a customized service and arrive relaxed at your destination.  
As certain aircraft type are allowed to take off and land at smaller airports, there is the possiblity to come as close as possible to your location and arrival point.
Our team will be happy to advice you in this matter.


Hybrid Flight

A hybrid flight is a combination of a private jet and a first class flight. This type of business travel is particulary suitable for long distance travel. It is still fast, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traveling the whole distance by private jet. 
This service can be started with a private jet flight from your location to the hub airport where your journey continues in a first class airline. After landing at the destination country, you can again board a private jet and fly to your final destination or start your round business tryp by private Jet. 
It would be a great pleasure for us to advise you about this way of traveling. 

Special services on the ground

Feel free to tell us your wishes or needs and we will check for solutions.
If desired we can take care of your intered business trip.

Limousine service... the most discreet and realible means of ground transportation. The trained limousine drivers will peick you up in all discretion directly from your location. 

Helicopter transfer

In some countries and situations a helicopter transfer can be the most efficiente and safe solution. 
This service can be booked not only for transfers to and from the airport but also for point to point transportation.

Accommodation or business site

We will be happy to assist you in finding a luxury apartment, villa or business place during your business trip. 
Do not hesitate to ask us. 

Services for aircraft owners

Are you an aircraft woner and would like your aircraft to fly more to reduce the aircraft fix costs? 
Individual Jet probably have the right solution. We invite you to contact us for a non-binding conversation. 

The Individual Jet customer assistant is here to help you 24/7. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or via a phone call +41 44 552 84 85


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